You unlock this door with the key to imagination…

I’ve had numerous ideas for short stories pop into my head lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been revisiting the original Twilight Zone (thank you Netflix!), which is like taking a class on how to create weird, suspenseful, and surreal stories that not only entertain, but make you think. Rod Serling was a genius. I don’t really consider myself a short story writer, but I did thoroughly enjoy the process of writing my first two. I’ll stockpile these new ideas and keep them at the ready, to use as motivation to keep writing when words aren’t coming on the novel.
I was at the regular job the other day, creating parking permit resources for Outlook calendar reservations (I know, gripping stuff!) when I thought, “What if you needed a permit to live?” Ah ha! Short story idea. You wouldn’t want to be detained by the authorities without your permit, now would you? I might pursue that one next. Could be my first attempt at something in the realm of science fiction.
Lately I’ve been busy kicking off what I like to call, “Brazen self-promotion, Part Two.” Amazon released the paperback edition of The Spiral a month and a half ago, so I figured it’s time to step up the marketing. I have no idea what I’m doing, so it’s a challenge, but I’m enjoying it. Most recently, I joined a talented group of indie authors at Self Publisher’s Showcase. For a very reasonable fee, they offer some simple ways of gaining exposure. Next week my two short stories will be available free for the Kindle, and they will help get the word out. In only a few days, I’ve gained many new followers on Twitter, which is cool. One of my blog entries is currently featured in their guest blog section. They will also be interviewing me in the next couple of months, which should be interesting. Later this fall they’ll be reviewing The Spiral, which I’m excited about. That will be the first official review of my novel. Oh yeah, and it’s a little scary. In the very near future, I’m also going to be giving away a number of free paperback copies of The Spiral on Goodreads.
So a lot is going on, and the learning curve never stops. Have to get back to the writing though. I think that’s the whole point.
Enjoy what is left of summer. It’s going fast!